Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Tank Top Tote Bag

I found this tank top at a clothes exchange, sort of like the print on it. I saw lots of tutorials on shirt refashioning, and thought this is so easy! Even I could do this! Though I did make small changes on how to make the bag, it is still very simple. So here we go, let's turn this tank top into a tote bag.

My shirt is very stretchy, so if you decide to work on a stretchy tank too, make sure to not pull on it while cutting and sewing. The two straps are going to be the handles of the bag, so I don't want that extra part on the back. Cut along the line, make sure to leave a 1/4 inch hem.

I used a serger, and then pinned the hem down and sewed along.

I used extra piece that just cut off to make a pocket. Cut off the two pointy parts on both side.

I serged along the edges, of course you can skip that part. Fold in the hems, and sew along the edges. There, we have a little pocket. You can totally skip the pocket if you don't need one, I just thought it'll be useful to have it~

To sew up the bottom, I used some seam binding to keep the bag from stretching out too much. I didn't have a color that would go with it, but it's not going to show so I just used what we have. You can cut the tank shorter if you want a shorter tote, I just left it the way it was since I can never have enough room in my bag... : -) and there you have it. A super simple yet useful project for our old tanks!
如果想要一个小点的包包,可以把背心剪短。为了防止包包被撑太大(我的这个背心的料子太有弹性了),我在缝背心底部时用了seam binding, 用缝纫机缝好,成了。家里多余的旧背心这下可有用武之地了!

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