Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Look at me, I'm so domestic!

As things start to ripen, we take more trips into the garden to pick veggies and fruits. At first we get a few of different things, then they turn into a couple hands full, very quickly there are buckets of produce piled outside our backdoor. The joy of eating freshly picked seasonal vegetables and fruits soon became old news, and the reality is daunting -- It's canning season.
Mom Bowles has been canning for 30 years, so she knows exactly what to do, and all I do is follow her lead. All the yummy jam and preserves are our sweet payoff. Literally, very sweet. Today, we are battling rhubarb. 
 Don't I look domestic?
 Didn't touch it, I swear! Just posing for the camera~~
There was a lot of stirring...
I love this guy!

We made two kinds of jam, and a BBQ sauce. I know, rhubarb BBQ sauce sounds weird, but it tastes great! There's still a ton of rhubarb in the bucket, I don't know what Mom Bowles is gonna do with it...


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  1. The BBQ sauce is great! Can't wait to eat it all up.