Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zucchini + Eggs

This is a super easy stir fry recipe, a good way to use up all the zucchini that our garden is producing. You can substitute the zucchini with cucumbers, and it's equally delicious.
You will need:
  • zucchini/cucumbers *
  • eggs*
  • onion
  • soy sauce
  • salt & pepper
*Generally you will want to have more veggies than eggs, that's just the way my mom always  made this dish. But you can always adjust the proportions between the eggs and veggies according to your preference.
One thing about stir fry is fast. Once you got the wok heated, it goes fast so you'll want to get all ingredients ready to go into the wok before turning on the stove. You'd also want to try to slice your zucchini or cucumbers evenly. Having unevenly sliced veggies will cause the thin ones to overcook, while the thicker ones are still undercooked. 
Add a pinch of salt to the eggs, and scramble. I'm sure that Chef Ramsay doesn't approve my scrambled eggs, but this is Chinese stir fry, his scrambled eggs are way to soft for my taste. Anyways, set aside the eggs, and oil the bottom of the wok, you will want to give the oil a few seconds to heat, then throw your onions in, keep stirring them till you can see a slight change of color and can smell the appetizing aroma produced by cooked onions. Dump all the veggies in, stir, add about 2tbsp of soy sauce, keep stirring, the veggies will shrink as being cooked, add the scrambled eggs in. Add salt and pepper to taste. And, you are done.
This is such an easy dish to make, surprisingly, everyone in my family loved it. 

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